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A few weeks ago Daniel Powers shot a video for the site describing the recently released 2014 CWB 'Merica board. I caught up with him while we were abroad in South Africa to ask him a few follow-up questions regarding the new deck.

When did you first start riding/developing the board with CWB? We started testing shapes during the winter of 2013. After several prototypes, we finished the board just before the CWB team shoot in June.

How does the board ride differently from shapes you've ridden in the past? It rides and reacts differently from boards I've ridden before because it's super light and his minimal features on the bottom. As a result, it's faster and more responsive than other boards. Also, because it's about a pound lighter than my 2013 deck, I find that it has very little swing weight and improved board control.

The 'Merica is built in the USA and uses a unique construction. What's that about? Yea, the 'Merica has a totally different construction process than other boards…likely why I have been riding the same board for three months. It's a PVC core that features AGS (Advanced Grid System) technology. Once the PVC core is shaped, it's cut into sections and then reassembled with a fiberglass weave between the pieces. This allows resin to invade the spaces between the foam during the molding process and leads to a more rigid bond between the top and bottom decks. Basically, it enables us to build a thinner, lighter, and stronger board.

Which size do you ride? I ride the 139 but it's light enough that bigger riders can definitely get away with riding the 145!

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