As many of you may know, Dantar is the wakeboard celebrity couples’ name for Daniel Doud and Shelby Kantar. Because we are a team, we decided to combine our names to make us more popular like the tabloid magazines do. However, the focus of this article is not solely about Dantar this time. Last Monday we had the pleasure of picking up the young Australian pro wakeboarder that goes by the name of Bec Gange. This is Bec’s second year coming to the United States to wakeboard. Last year she went straight to Orlando to work at The Wakeboard Camp. Because she has to fly through LAX anyways, I thought it would be a great opportunity for Bec to enjoy the best state there is: California.    

After her 20 some odd hours on airplanes, Dantar picked Bec up from LAX and drove her an additional 8 hours to the California Delta. We drove the Liquid Force Box Van and Liquid Force Team Edition Supra all the way to Hella Nor Cal. The California Delta is famous for endless miles of channels and great water. After riding in the legendary canals, we acted like reps for the day and did a clinic with Sports Chalet, one of the Liquid Force Dealers. We taught employees about board shapes and how to sell our boards and then took them out to test the gear. Probably the coolest part of the Sports Chalet demo was meeting a Parks Bonifay look alike. He was one of the best riders out of the bunch and did a sick Indy grab.    

After kickin’ it in the Delta, we headed to my home town Sacramento. We were fortunate enough to be able to ride the perfect river in 100 degree weather. I started to get really excited about the upcoming summer because this was the first time I have actually been hot enough to want to jump in the water. When the weekend rolled around, we picked up Shane Bonifay from the airport. All the celebrities came into town for the Nor Cal Mastercraft Opening Sale. Some other celebrities included Parks Bonifay, Emily Copeland, Reed Hansen, Bryan Hutton, Jacob Valdez, Raequel and Shawna Hoffman, and my dog Samantha Christine. The sale went well despite hanging out in a parking lot when it was 107 degrees outside.    

After the sale, we headed back down to the delta to hang out with legendary photographer Rodrigo Donoso. Unfortunately the good weather couldn’t wait one more day for us to free ride and was too cloudy to shoot. Even if we didn’t get much done, hanging out with Rodrigo is always a fun time. Although Nor Cal was a blast the time came to make the 8 hour trek back to our home in Carlsbad.

After both team Dantar and Bec got to experience the life of a rep, we realized that it’s a hard job. You have to talk to people about wakeboarding all day and find yourself being too busy to wakeboard.  We appreciate all you reps out there for working so hard. Now it was time to introduce Bec to the mellow life of So Cal. Already Bec has gotten to meet both the entire Liquid Force and Alliance Crews. She has also gotten to see Liquid Force kick some serious butt at their last softball game and saw the Padres beat the Giants in a real baseball game. That’s it for now but stay tuned for more Dantar adventures….