Dear Keith,

These days have been long and hard since you have left me for California. I know the sun shines brighter and the girls smiles are whiter, but I can’t help but shed a tear every time I see that door close behind you. It seems that each year the distance between us grows larger and larger as you continue to embark on your wakeboarding endeavors. I want you to know that I am getting by on my own and building new friendships here in Florida that will last a lifetime. I know you’re only gone till Wednesday but it still seems as if you’ve been gone for years.


Since you’ve left me with such a large void in my heart, I have made an attempt to move forward in my life. As it turns out, there are beautiful individuals and friendships to be made outside the walls of your home. The absence of you has forced me to begin a new chapter in my life and has opened my eyes to many new opportunities and journeys abound.


I know I’ve always told you that your style on the water is unmatched, but after spending quality time with each of my new friends I have reason to believe that there is an abundance of style and love to be found in the wakeboarding community. Shaun Watson; total sweetheart. Ben Greenwood: Wouldn’t harm so much as a fly. Jeff McKee: My Holy Godfather. Josh McWilliams: My Wildside.


I’m also working on a new project with the good people at SkullCandy. Jason Kimball has opened up his heart and his mind and sees the value in my 4 years experience in the wake community. I have taken a position as Jason’s intern as we have been on a mission to create a one of a kind marketing strategy will boost SkullCandy miles above the rest and boost the economy in these troubled times.


In Closing,

I am unsure of my feelings of where we stand and am struggling to find closure and peace within. I am unsure of what our future holds, maybe it’s time I spread my wings and fly. May peace be with you.