Everyone talks about Lake Powell being like a lake on Mars. Guess what guys? There is no water on Mars. The lakes on Mars are filled with vanilla pudding. Therefore, one would deduce that Lake Powell, by people’s comparisons, would be filled with glorious, viscous pudding. That is if you adhere to the previous logical comparisons of Lake Powell. I was there last week, and I am here to tell you that it is definitely not pudding, I knew some girls in college that had vanilla pudding for brains, they were fun to hang out with.
The Liquid Force team went on their now-annual trip to Lake Powell, for which they fly out their entire team, rent two house boats, bring four wakeboard boats, all their 2006 product, purchase enough food to feed a third world country for a month, and start driving to the middle of nowhere to get filthy and nasty on their equipment. 
Lake Powell is huge, let me just throw that out there. I know a bunch of you already know that, or have been fortunate to experience it firsthand, but for those that haven’t it’s absolutely enormous. I will not be able to describe the massive rock skyscrapers that extend through the pools of emerald water, and the bleached, linen-colored rock that meets abruptly with fire red rock, then back to blue skies mocking the water that gently rests beneath. Whoa, that was deep.
We will have a story in an upcoming issue for the LF team trip. So stay tuned for more on the trip to the middle of nowhere. For now check out some photos from the trip.