The season is slowly coming to a close (yes, even in FL) and that means one thing…we are beginning to shoot 2015 product so that you’ll have some solid reading material to keep you company on that cold toilet seat this off-season. Crazy that they make heated seats for your car but not for the crapper. At any rate, we got rolling with our 2015 Gear Guide shoot this past week and decided to kick things off in the park at OWC. We had several different decks from the following manufacturers: Byerly, CWB, Hyperlite, Liquid Force, Slingshot, and Jobe. Below are a few shots that I grabbed with my Phantom 2/Hero 4 setup before it was close-lined by a rouge cable line. Fortunately, she’s okay and I’ll be posting a feature next week on “how to resuscitate your Phantom.” Hopefully it well help a few of you revive your birds from the inevitable water landing. Take a peak at the shots below and check out the full Gear Guide review in the upcoming January issue!!

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