I awoke yesterday morning to 2 brand new Sea-Doos parked outside my door.  At first I figured someone was just lost. Probably meaning to be at Greg’s house down the street or something.  What I had forgotten though is that my roommate Dieter used to be one of South Africa’s top male models, so they were actually here to film him for a new Sea-Doo commercial.

After several tiring hours of laying in the grass, watching, and making a point to help out in absolutely no way, I finally got an opportunity to hop on this new machine. This new Sea-Doo is pretty darn sweet. First off, I never should be allowed to own one of these because it is way too much power. I almost threw myself off the thing the first time I hit the accelerator. Secondly, as if the power of it wasn’t enough, it comes with a fully adjustable suspension as well. So you can either boost off that roller coming your way, or just go 80 through it and not feel a thing. The best part about it though, is the new hand brake it is equipped with. I’m not sure what its original intentions were, but I believe it was definitely made for spraying unsuspecting victims (i.e. the girls on the next Sea-Doo over).

Seriously, I had no idea how much more fun could be had just by adding a little brake to the ski. So if you find yourself 14k richer, definitely go pick yourself up one of these bad boys and learn the gloriousness that is adjustable suspension.  Thanks to Matt Staker for waking me up far too early, and for showing off his skills behind the still camera as I shredded my face off.