Man of the day, Dom Hernler.  Photo: Merrett Fay

Day two of the Monster Energy Wake Park Triple Crown went off Saturday at Velocity Island Park in Woodland California. The first major professional wake park contest in the Golden State was blessed with beautiful California sunshine and a light breeze. Couple this amazing weather with a perfectly designed park and incredible hospitality from April and Scott Hartman of VIP and their entire team and you end up with an absolutely perfect day of park riding and hanging out with great people.

The Open Women threw down some of the most proper rail hits we’ve seen with Marilyn Pruitt taking home the top spot.  Marilyn is from Terminus wake park which is where the final stop of the MEWPTC event is being held in September.  Open Men’s proved to be a shoot out of the local riders from VIP, Carson Nemeth and Austin Runman.  In the end Carson came out on top with tricks that could have been seen in a pro mens final.  The level of riding in Open Men’s this year has been mind blowing and really pushed this division to be the stepping stone to make it into Pro Men.

Open Women Podium 1. Marilyn Pruitt 2. Shannon Stuckey 3. Taylor Oxford

Open Mens 1. Carson Nemeth 2. Drew Austin 3. Austin Runman

Best trick this weekend was stacked with heats that could have been finals.  Ultimately, Aaron Gunn took the top spot with his truck-driver 3 rewind 180 followed up by one of the biggest back 9’s anyone has ever seen.  Guy Firer and Jake Pelot rounded out the podium down throwing down back 9’s, rewinds and stylish methods.

Best Trick Podium 1. Aaron Gun 2. Guy Firer 3. Jake Pelot

Pro Wakeskate had a great turn out this weakend with the Cali local Keaton Bowlby and Bammer showing up for the event.  Ultimately it was Florida native Nick Taylor who ended up on top of the podium with a combination of hard flips and back board shuv-off of the Kaesen rail.

Pro Wakeskate 1. Nick Taylor 2. Bret Little 3. Dieter Humpsch

Pro Mens and Women’s this event were run differently in years past.  Semifinals were run head to head.  The top six riders in each rode head-tohead to determine who would make the 3 person, 10 minute jam final.  Riders had to not only get best trick on each rail but also combine a line together that made up another score in their run.  The judging this year is really looking for consistency and proper rail hits.  In Pro Women’s, Orlando native and MEWPTC rookie Jamie Lopina laid down some of the best lines all weekend and took the top spot.  Courtney Angus followed up in second place after having a tough weekend on kickers and Taylor McCullough rounded out the podium in third place.

Pro Women Podium 1. Jamie Lopina 2. Courtney Angus 3. Taylor McCollugh

Pro Men final was one of the toughest heats we have seen all year.  Another MEWPTC rookie Gunther Oka made his first final along with Aaron Gunn and Dom Hernler.  The final 10 minute jam had everyone glued to the water with Guntehr Oka coming in 3rd place with some of the most technical lines we had seen all weekend. Aaron Gunn came in second with massive kicker hits and stylish rail hits.  Dom Hernler impressed the judges this weekend with a straight back 1 onto the top of the Kaesen Rail followed up by a hard way 270 gap to the end of the pipe rail.

Local boy Tanar Pigrenet.

Jamie Lopina flipping her way into 1st place.

Great turnout at Velocity Island Park for the second stop of the Monster Energy Wake Park Triple Crown.


RESULTS: 2nd Stop of Monster Energy Wake Park Triple Crown

Open Women Features
Finals    Heat #:    01
1    Pruitt, Marilyn    USA    95.75
2    Stuckey, Shannon    USA    92.50
3    Oxford, Taylor    USA    81.75

Open Men Features
Finals    Heat #:    01
1    Nemeth, Carson    USA    96.50
2    Austin, Drew    USA    85.00
3    Runman, Austin    USA    84.50
4    Nemeth, Cameron    USA    74.00

Pro Women Features
Finals    Heat #:    01
1    Lopina, Jamie    USA    100.00
2    Angus, Courtney    AUS    90.00
3    McCullough, Taylor    USA    80.00

Mens Best Trick
Finals    Heat #:    01
1    Gunn, Aaron    AUS    100.00
2    Firer, Guy    ISR    90.00
3    Pelot, Jake    USA    80.00

Pro Wakeskate
Finals    Heat #:    01
1    Taylor, Nick    USA    94.75
2    Little, Bret    TEX    93.00
3    Humpsch, Dieter    80.75
4    Windsorr, James    AUS    71.50

Pro Men Features
Finals    Heat #:    01
1    Hernler, Dom    GER    94.25
2    Gunn, Aaron    AUS    91.50
3    Oka, Guenther    USA    84.25