This just in: Aaron Reed won the X Games Pool Rail wakeskating contest today in La La Land at the Staples Center. Reed beat out finalists Aaron Rathy and Brandon Thomas to take the win, although not actually the gold medal, since wakeboarding and wakeskating aren’t officially in the X Games this year, they’re out waiting in the parking lot. Reed was also able to pick up a few extra bucks by valet-ing Chad Kagy’s Land Rover as he was on his way into the Center. Aaron has had a busy 24 hours, traveling down to Encinitas last night for the premiere of our new movie, Innuendo. Rumor has it that while in Encintas he and Scott Byerly also got into a beef over some nachos. Get it? Beef/nachos … man, I don’t know, they just come to me like that. More on the premiere and the wakeboarding winners of X later.