Drew Danielo took his 5th World Wakesurf Championships this weekend.

Here's how he won it.

Here was my first pass –
F.S air Mute Grab
B.S Shuv
Frontboard slide- shuv out
Shuv indy
Frontside Shuv
360 Shuv
Alley oop 1 footed 180
Backside Bigpin
Alley opp 360 Air.
And this was my second Pass-
Frontside air One footer
Frontiside 180 air
Shuv indy
360 with the board backwards
180 Shuv
Alley oop 180 air nose grab
WIDOW MAKER (this is a alley opp 360 air into a regular surface backside 3)
Then a Indy grab Backside Bigspin
360 shuv mute grab
and finished it off with a spinning wake transfer to accidentally jumping off my board in excitement just passed the last bouy. (bad move because you didn't really want your head underwater in this river.