That's right, The long awaiting debut of Sean Kilgus' "Drive" video happened to take place last night here in Seattle, WA. Nearly all of the riders in the film made it out to the show along with hundreds of other local riders to catch a sneak peak at the hottest thing in wakeboarding since the slurpee. Kilgus was in full on zombie mode trying to prepare for the big showing all day. He was talking backwards and almost got stuck in the elevator at our hotel. As soon as all the prep work was done, Sean was kind enough to hook all the riders up with a killer limo ride to the event to make a grand entrance. Along the way we made a pitstop at what could be the greatest viewing point of Seattle for a quick group pic, and then we were on the way. Apparently when we arrived we picked the wrong door to enter the club because we all got denied at first. Total buzzkill. We were standing outside the club looking like some fat harry chicks who swore that "we know the owner and we're like totally on the list bud." Haha. Finally we made our way into the pact house and started the evening with an autograph session and some interviews for Fuel TV who was there to cover the event.


Then it was time to get down and Dirty. Fuel went ahead and debuted Scott Byerly's "Firsthand" to start the show, followed by a quick gear giveaway to get the crowds blood pumping. Finally, it was time for the world premier of the vid…I don't want to spoil it for everyone but I will tell you this; The video starts out with an explosive section by the Vandall and then keeps on firing like a semi-automatic digital camera. Bang bang Bang that's all I can say. I didn't realize until last night that "Drive" has the most extensive and diverse group of riders I have ever seen. Where else can you catch Gabe Lucas, Danny Harf, Randall Harris, Rusty Malinoski and a handsome stud whose initals are JM all in the same video? Each section is unique in the fact that the riders had a big part in designing their sections to fit their style. From music to trick selection to overall message from the rider to the masses, Sean was all about getting the riders involved in this one…


Drive will be hitting the shelves i Just a few short weeks so shout at your local pro shop and get your name on the waiting list. Trust Me.


Oh yeah on a side note; Have you ever had a cream cheese hot-dog? They seem to be hot here in Seattle. Weirdo's.