As one last shout to Utah riders and water flickers alike, a last minute

Premier was organized to showcase Sean Kilgus’s new film DRIVE.   The

inspiration behind the event was none other than one of our best local

riders Nick Weekes.  Nick, who had just recently recovered from ACL

reconstruction, decided to conveniently unite his knee to his face on the

first session of the year.  The result: a few cozy nights in the hospital

and some wicked looking metal that wired his shiny teeth shut for 3 weeks.


Wanting to do a little something to help out my best pal (Sir Nickolas) and

also have an excuse to get my hands on the first HD wakeboarding film ever

made, the Utah DRIVE premiere was born.  Luckily the renowned Dewey and the

WakeUtah crew were all over the mess, helping to find local sponsors and

spreading the word.  By Friday night, the venue was packed and swag was

flowing from the entranceway to the stage.  Somebody had even found the Red

Bull girls frolicking in a local park and invited them to dance with our

local DJ Uncle Ben who was opening the event.


So after some great beats, some rafflin, and a quick slideshow of Nick’s

injury pictures, the premier had begun.  In terms of the film… um… lets just

say a chorus of aahhhs, oohhhhs, and a few very loud holy blankities

accompanied the entire film.  True.



Big thanks to: 


Wake Utah,


MM Watersports,

Skull Candy,

Nick’s Face

Freds Marine,

Vitamin Water,


And of course, Alliance,