The past few days I've been shooting with Kevin Henshaw out in Tampa, Florida. We finished up yesterday afternoon and headed back to his house. His good friend Dustin O'Ferrall, originally from Vernon BC, is staying with Kevin for a few months.

When it comes to hitting rails, Dustin can shred the sh*t out of a wakeboard and snowboard. Up until today, I've never shot wakeboarding with my 30d housed and I've always wanted to. So what better way to learn than with Dustin messing around on Silas Thurman's skate rail?

We tried a few different shots then Dustin had another idea which was bonking the buoy.

For all you photographers out there, MANY props to the ones who have mastered water photography. It's definitely difficult, dangerous, and wet, but I'm not giving up.


Keep checking back in to check out the video Dustin O'Ferrall shredding the McCormick cable park.