This is the letter we got from the markers of Esoteric. They are funny guys. 


Dear Alliance,            

I love you.  Please watch this movie.  My friend and business partner Keith Lant and I have been making it over the past year and a half and it came out really well.  Basically the idea was to take eight solid riders that really needed a good video part and just give them the time that it takes to get the most complete video section they could create.  It came out really good and is now being distributed by Sidewayz.  For all the hard work you guys do nine times a year to give us, the adoring public, an incredible literary and visual masterpiece, we thought the least we could do for you would be to send you this complimentary copy of all that has encapsulated our lives for the past year and a half: Esoteric.  Enjoy. 

Thanks again Sincerely yours, Keith Lant and David HansonScene One Productions              

P.S. Any urges you may have to completely just headline your next cover with “ESOTERIC ROCKS!!!” that is fine by us.