Got a letter from our old buddy Cyril Cornaro this morning, European ripper and probably the best coach abroad. Cyril has been set up in Italy for the past few years, but as is his way he's moving around Europe and starting another location in the south of Spain. If you've ever considered a wakeboarding holiday, there are few places better and few people nicer and more equipped to give you the full experience. Here's what he said:

Hi everyone,

Double Wakeboard school and myself are proud to present you our new spot in Seville Spain. We are going to be making wake camps all winter. Seville is one of the only European cities that can guarantee you good, hot weather all year long. With flat water, a new Master Craft X-Star, X-1 and a PWC to make sure you have the best conditions to ride. The spot is 10 minutes away by bus from the center of Seville, the capital of Andalucia (south Spain), with all its great lifestyle and culture. We have accommodations on site and everthing you need to come learn new tricks or have a family wakeboard holiday.

For more info or bookings just send me a e-mail:, or call +34 660 233 574. Our website is coming up soon.

Wish you all the best,
Cyril Cornaro