Half of the entire wakeboard community is currently over in Europe for the next few weeks traveling among a series of elite rail contests including Fise, Wake and Country, Wake N Beach, Wake the Line and Wakestock UK. Since no ones around to talk to us at home we made some very expensive phone calls to get a grip on what the hell is happening in Europe. Apparently a rollerblade / scooter feature film judging by the photo’s they sent our way.


Is it more or less difficult being a vegan in the land of sausages?

Dylan Miller: Definitely more difficult, it’s better here in Germany than France. All I ate there was tomato pizza. And every time I said no cheese they thought I was joking and laughed…little did they know I was serious.  But none the less I survived France and only lost 1% of my back mass.

Which cable park has been your favorite so far? 

DM: I just hit up “The Bricks” for the last 2 days and they got a sick set up, the family that runs the place is super friendly and really accommodating. That place is the shit.

How many times have you said “Excuse me? sorry I don’t understand I’m from Canada…”

DM: I think they all kinda get the idea cause I’m a tanned blonde man with long hair. Maybe they don’t know I’m from Canada but they sure know I’m not a local. I was really hoping this different look was going to help me out with the foreign women but so far it’s a no go. But I still got 2 weeks to go so fingers crossed I can coax one I them into give me a back rub.


What’s the plan for the next two weeks? Who what when where and why?

Steffen Vollert: Well Patrick (Wieland) just got in so were going to be filming lots right up until O’Neill Wake the Line. Other than that I’ll probably continue to baby-sit Dylan hahaha. We’ve got a sick crew though; Nico Von Lerchenfeld, Felix Georgii, Dylan Miller, Yan Kissmann, Lukas Suess. We will be riding at The Bricks lots which is a sick new park over here.

Have the donkey’s come out yet? 

SV: For those of you that don’t get this let me explain. “Danke” is German for Thank you, Last year when Patrick was here filming for Lipsmack he some how transformed the word into Donkey. So that was the only word that came out of his mouth for the remainder of the trip. I havn’t seen one yet but their bound to come out some time soon.

Who has been the most prepared American of all the crew to arrive in Europe? 

SV: Thats a tough one. No one is completly prepared for a euro trip. Anything can happen here. As long as you show up with well rested kindnies and a open mind you can have a lot of fun here.


Keith Lidberg taking time out of his hectic schedule to drop a line while women with perfectly spaced gaps in their teeth and hairy armpits await him outside in a BMW limousine.


With your shoes and hair, does anyone even know that you are a tourist?

Keith Lidberg: That is actually a legitimate question because it seems in fact they do not.  I have recently decided to dedicate my shoe collection to loafers and of course with my impeccable style I fit right in here in Europe.  The only problem is that I do not speak flawless French and or German so once I am found out to be an imposter I am quickly shunned.

What has been the strangest thing to happen yet on this overseas excursion?

KL: Well that would have to be the wrestling match with my good buddy Marc Rossiter outside an Irish Pub.  Apparently shots of Absinth and Jack and Cokes are not the most desirable concoction.  This type of drink selection is normally selected by Mr. Watson who is on another level of party.  This wrestling match cost me an iPhone, shirt, and what used to be a two inch gash free elbow.  So the lesson is as follows, when Watson offers you a shot you kindly accept and as he is taking his you throw yours over your shoulder.  And remember pepper spray will always win!

Who has partied the hardest?

KL: That depends on how you define party but from my limited memory I believe that Nico and Felix were running first and second right above Shane and Watson.