A little over a week ago I had the pleasure of visiting Active Watersports out in Portland, OR for their world famous "Evening With the Stars" Event.  Before I continue let me clarify something; when they say the stars, they're talking about the most progressive wakeboarders and wakeskaters from each of the brands they carry.  As I mentioned in a blog about a week ago I was actually a second string replacement for Slingshot team rider Rob Jacques, but I still managed to sign a few posters of Shawn Watson so I was totally STOKED! Other top riders included Shaun Watson, Scott Byerly, Sylus Thurman, Parks Bonifay, Nick Ennen, and Aaron Reed. The thing that gets me most about a event like Active's Evening With the Stars is the fact that it was about 38 degree's outside and people were freaking out buying boats, boards, and bottles of sunscreen like it was July. Here are a few pics of the event…Big thanks to John, Warren, Eric, Jefferson, and the rest of the Active crew for making the evening a total success.