Did you make it down to Fremont for the First Friday Art Walk? If you didn't make sure to come by evo through the month of June to check it out. This month the timesinfinity gallery at evo is featuring local artist Son Duong and Friday June 6 was the opening. Son is a local artist who does graphic design with Byerly Wakeboards as well as other industry brands such as Skullcandy . A lot of us here at evo were familiar with his work and were really excited to have him showing at evo. Also, for those of you unfamiliar with First Friday, it's a reoccurring Art Walk in the Fremont district of Seattle where businesses feature new artist exhibits and open their doors to the community to debut them on the first Friday of each month. Go to www.fremontfirstfriday.com for more on the Fremont Art Walk!

For this month's opening event the evening sun came out around 7pm as people started trickling in down the streets of Fremont to check out our latest artist Son Duong. With a drink in hand, everyone enjoyed watching Son put some final touches on one of his pieces. Between painting, and chatting with peeps about his work, Son also brought his own line of tees and caps that will be available at evo for the rest of the month. While most attendees had been to the spot before, newcomers were overwhelmed by the large retail space that accompanies the timesinfinity gallery.

A big thanks to all of you that made it to First Friday and for those that didn't, we hope to see you on July 4th. I know it is the 4th of July but we have an amazing gallery for the month of July: original works by Shepard Fairey thanks to Gus Tarantino and his private collection. See on the 4th of July at 7:00pm!