With the summer weather starting to roll across the northern hemisphere I've been able to get out and shoot with a variety of riders, from Cen-Fla all the way to So-Cal. Here are some samplings of the days spent out on the water. File them under Misc.

Some things I deemed "notable" from some of these past photo shoots:

– Keith Lyman is back to going big. Not just "average" big, but "Lyman" big.

– Benny G has a new do, and it's good.

– CWB is a hilarious group of bros.

– The new WSR headquarters are plush.

– Randall's been getting experimental recently.

– Jacob Valdez is a good swimmer, and an even better wakeboarder.

– After all these years Chad Sharpe is still not afraid to launch himself into oblivion right off the bat early in the A.M.

– Even with a crappy wake, Shane's riding still looks steezy.

– Ricky G. loves his babies ('69 Lincoln Continental and 9-month-old Jaylee).