First 1080 you landed:

Switch Heelside at Chad Sharpe’s place on Lake Hiawassee, Late 2007. I had just hit my first toeside backside 7 at the other end of the lake and I just remember riding to the other side and feeling good about trying the 10, and it worked out!


Autograph you signed:

I was signing with the Hyperlite team at the 2004 masters. I don’t think anyone on the team even knew who I was. I just remember printing my name out in all caps. Ruck looked at it then looked up at me and said it “needed some work.”


Box of free product for wakeboarding:

My first box was from “Lost,” a shop I rode for back home who had hooked it up so I could get a bit of free product every month.


Compact disc you ever purchased:

Dre. 2001. No actually, that’s a lie. It was a Mase CD that I got from a 2nd hand store.


Car you owned:

1986 Grand Marquis, white with a cloth top.


Place you lived in Orlando:

The apartments at Lake Fredrica off of Semoran Boulevard. It was pretty ghetto, and the lake was tiny.


Experience drinking Alcohol:

1999. I pounded some vodka with my cousin in Nova Scotia. I remember dumping out half the Pepsi and topping it off with Smirnoff. Bad combo for an 11 year old.


Time you rode a scooter in New Smyrna beach:

Haha. Danny Thollander has some fast “scoot scoots” I know that. I don’t recall the rest of the details…I may have browned them out. Something to do with riding a scooter into the family room of a random house maybe?


Wakeboard video you can remember watching:

Daily Dose. It was such a good one too!


Injury wakeboarding:

Bruised spinal cord and internal bleeding in my back filming for Hyperlite’s Counterfeit This. That was a bad couple of months…


Overseas trip you took for wakeboarding:

I went to Australia to film with Justin Stephens and the Oakley team for the Push Process Movie.


Time getting in trouble with “the cops”:

I was probably about 12. My buddy and I snuck out of my parents house and were roaming the streets around 4 am wearing black hoodies with the hoods up. Someone saw us looking all sketchy and called the cops. 5 cop cars surrounded and cuffed us. Everything worked out with the cops cause we were just chillin, but my parents weren’t stoked.


Trick you do in a wake set:

Stalefish Roll to Blind.