The Life of a Red Bull Athlete ain’t so bad…


Home you’ve purchased: Well it’s not official yet, but Daniel Watkins’ old house on clear lake (next door to Jimmy’s).

Time you ever drove a stick-shift: When I was like 17 I bought my first car, it was a stick shift. I  just drove off into the world not knowing what I was doing. Haha. Stalled like 30 times on my way home.


Concussion wakeboarding: 15 years old learning raleys with Mike Ferraro. Pretty sure I went into some sort of mini coma. I was out of it for days.


CD you’ve ever bought: Probably the slim shady LP, I was such a rebel.


Concert you attended: Hate to say it but it was Brittany Spears, I was around 13 and forced to go 🙁 .


Trip overseas (for wakeboarding): Sevilla Spain, it was the best! I was probably 14 and it was the first big trip I went on without my parents. plus I was learning spanish in school at the time so I was killing it there.


Now Adam travels the world with Parks and dresses like him for Halloween.


Time you met Parks: Not sure if this is the first, but it’s the farthest back I can remember. I was at a skatepark in orlando and there was this kid there who kept messing with me. Anyways I ended up freaking out on the kid and he came at me swinging his deck, then Parks came out of nowhere and basically blocked this kid and told him to leave. I was like 14 and Parks was my idol at the time, it was pretty cool. Haha.


Hangover: I thought hangovers were fake until about 19, then everything changed haha.


Today Adam’s career is larger than life, just like his new board from Ronix…


Kiss: new years 2000 “the millenium” parents went downtown, my sister had a bunch of her older friends over who caught a buzz to say the least, then took turns making out with me while my sister was horrified im sure. I wasnt complaining.

Paycheck you ever earned: Not sure how long ago, but, it was from Fox Racing for sure. Rode a bunch with Gerry Nunn and Murray back in the day and they got me hooked up with fox from day one!