Tell Alliance about the first:


CD you bought: I think it was Pearl Jam’s Ten album. I was in 6th grade and the whole grunge thing thing was taking off, I had seen them play “Alive” on SNL and I was sold.


Concert you went to: Stone Temple Pilots. I went with my buddy Pat Anderson at the Summerfest show in Milwaukee. It was a huge outdoor amphitheater.

Erik and wife Joy with surf hero / musician Donavon Frankenreiter

Sponsor: Sage Wakeboards. At the time I was working for Munson Ski and Watersports and there was this convention called M-Tech which was like the surf expo of the midwest. It was in 1996 and all I had to do was give them my vhs sponsor tape and the gear was in the mail.


Attempt at the mute double half cab roll: Last summer at wake nation. I was there earlier in the year for a Ronix demo and their kicker was just right for it. I went back to wake nation to shoot for a web video that would release at expo, so I wanted to do something special for it since it was also my first video debut on a Ronix board.


Moment you realized you have a green thumb: its been an on-going love affair. I just spiratically start going for it in my downtime as opposed to sitting around “chillin.”


Date with your wife: Well I had met her at UCF at a party Joey Meddock was throwing. A short while after Tige was in town and taking us all to dinner (Me, Cobe, Bisch, Charley Patterson), so I extended the invite to her…


Injury from wakeboarding: Stiches in the head learning a front flip. My back foot came out of the binding on the take off and the board came around to slap me from behind on impact. They were some old wileys on my blue and grey flight 69. Those were the days…


International experience as a wakeboarder: Canada with Cobe and Bisch. It was right when Cobe and Bisch were doing separate bus tours and went on Cobe’s bus to Abbotsford, BC where the tourstop used to be before Kelowna.


Time you got drunk: Rhode Island mini bowling during the vans triple crown stop (where gravity and X games were). I believe it was just a long evening of garbage drinking and eventually we all got kicked out of the alley.


Contest you won as a pro rider: Detroit 2000. It was all sort of a blur but I do remember that the only way I could win was to stand up, and somehow it worked out. I was amped because that was the year that a bunch of new guys started winning like Watson, Danny and Shane. It was sort of the start of the pointless explosion.


Encounter with an alligator or snake: Never had a close call we have a mutual respect. However, when we were filming Incomplete Weinacker tried to grab a watersnake and it turned around and latched onto his arm. That moment definitely stands out in my mind still…