Photo: Lipscomb

Memory of riding: I was like 3 and for some reason I was scared to stand up so I just went around the lake on my butt.

Wakeboard: Some random white board with some adult boots that took up basically 3/4 the board.

Car: ’05 chevy avalanche

Trip to the emergency room: I kneed myself in the face on a toeside backroll and had to get some stitches.

CD: Some David Allan Coe album

Contest win: Best fan at gravel tour. Greatest trophy I’ll ever get

Trick you start a wake set with: Inside out back 180. Don’t know why I just have to do it every time.

Invert: One wake tantrum

Cablepark you ever rode: Owc

Boat: Pretty sure it was a red, white, and blue 210

Autograph you signed: If practice counts, the glass door to the shower. Still my second favorite thing to do in the shower!

Brother you would wake up if there was a fire in your house: Robert and I signed a treaty of the brothers a while back to defend against Phil…so I’d have to go with Bob.