Jeff House…in a relationship. Sorry girls. Photo: Soderlind


Tell Alliance about the first:

CD you ever purchased: No Doubt.  It was either that or Space Jam I can’t remember.

Injury from wakeboarding: I put my arm through the handle trying to learn raleys.  I still can’t do them.

Check you ever cashed from wakeboarding: I’m pretty sure it was from Zane.  He paid me to work the Knoxville boat show one year for him when I was on CWB.  It paid for my Playstation 2.  Thanks Zane.

Song you play when you jump in the car for a cruise: Whatever Ryan Seacrest wants me to listen to.

Mobe you learned: Whirly I guess, but I thought a mobe had to be handle passed.  If so then a crow mobe.

Experience drinking adult beverages: When I was visiting my sister at Clemson she made me take a shot of some super sugary girly shot when I was probably 12-13.  It’s all her fault….

Fight you ever got into: I’ve been punched a couple of times, but first actual fight was defending “The Great” Philip Combs.  We were at JD’s house one year for his Halloween party and some upstanding Polk county locals put paint in JD’s washing machine and turned it on.  It started there, then the kids left and came back with a few other truck loads of homies, shooting shot gun rounds out of their truck beds.  At this point everybody is hiding up against the wall except  Philip who suddenly goes Rambo and heads out the front door with a golf club.  We didn’t even realize he was gone till we looked out the window and saw him surrounded by 8 guys, swinging it like a baseball bat.  I’ll never forget that.  He connects with a couple, but eventually they take him down.  Derek and I, being the badasses we are, looked at each other and were like “dude, we’ve got to”.  So we ran out the back door and just jumped on whoever we could find.  Luckily it didn’t last long before they peaced out.  Also Derek and I were dressed like hard core frat guys for Halloween which makes the whole story at least twice as cool. Awesome.

Time winching: Filming for Silly back when Danny Turner was building Hypoxic Black Boxes.  It was a gap to a barn gate.  Super fun.

Autograph you signed: I think at one of the CWB signings.  They didn’t know who I was probably.

Pro you ever rode with: Charley Patterson

Photoshoot: It was for wakeboarding mag back when I rode for Blindside.  Charley Patterson hooked it up.

Jeff House – Long after his first Photoshoot. Photo: Lee