Josh Palma driving his first new boat from Mastercraft…


First time you got knocked out wakeboarding: The first (and worst) concussion I’ve ever had riding was in 2009 just before the start of the season.  Adam Greer was pulling me on Lake Maitland and I caught a nasty back edge on a switch backside 5.  The fall gave me a spinal concussion and I was paralyzed for about a minute.  It was really similar to Chad Sharpe’s crash a while back.  Always wear a vest!!

FIrst time you signed an autograph: 2007 MasterCraft Pro Tour stop!!

First celebrity you ever met: Dennis Scott…also known as 3D.  I think he still holds the Orlando Magic record for most 3’s in one game.  We will have to verify that with Bob Soven.

First time you kissed a girl: My 4th grade girlfriend, Mandy Moore, just before Social Studies class.  I miss her like candy…she had the lips of a young angel.

First CD you ever bought: Eagle Eye Cherry back in 1996…I still listen to Save Tonight off that album!!

First wakeboard: Fulltilt Mike Weddington Function 55 with Sub Rosa sandal bindings. I upgraded to some Blindside boots after repeatedly ejecting from my sandals while learning wake jumps.

First time shaving your dreads:  The first time I shaved my dreads was actually about 7 years ago.  It was a Christmas present to my Mom because she said she couldn’t stand her son looking so “nappy.”  Pretty unfair considering her Jamaican genes caused the nappiness in the first place.  Agree to disagree.

First time you met Shaun Murray: The first time I met Murrdawg was in 2004 out at his place on Lake Whippoorwill.  A friend of mine was developing some land near Murray’s house and he got to know him really well.  Consequently, he brought me out to Murray’s one weekend to go for a shred.  Murray has always told me that he didn’t expect much when a little nappy-headed kid got out of the car.  Fortunately, I had one of the best sets of my life that afternoon.  Murray has been my best friend and an incredible mentor ever since.  Thanks for everything Murrdawg.

First time you got in a fight: It’s all about da peace mon.  One love.