So I’m not sure that Massi fully understood the concept of a “Firsts” interview, but his language-barrier inspired answers were priceless so I left them unedited. Keep an eye out for this kid to be doing big things the next few years!!



Memory of riding: The best memories are back in the day when I started riding with my cousin Giuliano Molli; he is the one that got me into this…still one of my idols today.


Wakeboard: I love wakeboarding…can’t live without it.


Sponsor: Red Bull, Oakley, Ronix


Car: I have my mam’s car in Italy and working on something with FIAT maybe for the States.


Trip to the emergency room: Had a few when I was snowboarding, a dislocated shoulder, plus some knock-outs hahaha.


CD: Not about the CD life hahaha


Contest win: I won the European Championships for 2 years in a row in the pro division and placed 2nd and 3rd in a couple of king of wake stops (Jr. Pro).


Trick you start your set with: I like to start my set with a big trick into the flats so it will be a method or a grab back one…so I can see how my knees feel.


Roommate in Orlando: At the moment I’m in a house with 2 of my best friends (Gunner Daft and Mike Dowdy) and it’s dope to share a house with these two sick riders. They push me so much and they help me stay motivated. We usually eat pizza rolls and fight…Dowdy always wins.


Cable park you ever rode: This year I started riding more cable than usual since cable is now a big part of the sport. I have been to Cables Wake Park Penrith and to Bli Bi in Australia and they are so much fun and there is a sick vibe. I spent a lot of time at OWC when I was really little and that helped me a lot. Ski Rixen is also a sick cable but my favorite till now is Thai Wake Park…pumped to explore more parks!




Pro you rode with: I rode with a lots of pros but usually I ride with Dowdy and Trevor Hansen.


Girlfriend: I’m single because they don’t want an Italian that can’t cook.


Autograph you signed: Oh yea one time I signed one for my grandma, does that count?


Wakeboard Vessel: I don’t have a boat so I hope one day that boat will come and take me up


Sorry for the English!!! hahahahaha