Dowdy is as technical as anybody these days.  Fortunately, he also knows how to keep it simple.

Sponsor: CWB Board Co.

Invert: Haha, tantrum!!

Roommate in Orlando: Derek Grasman

Car: 2000 Mercedes ML 320 haha

Time you realized you had a future in wake: When Parks and Danny liked my photo for the first time on instagram

CD: Encore by Eminem

Boat: Malibu ski boat of some sort

Trick you open with when free riding: Usually tail KGB

Lake you think you’ll own a house on in Orlando: Hopefully Holden!

Wakeboard video you owned: Detention by Shaun Murray!!

Trip to the emergency room: When I broke my arm in ‘09

Impression on your new pro model: Loving it, I can’t wait for it to be released!

First trick you invented: Pretty sure it was the double-grab heel 7.  First trick I’ve done that no one else has was KGB 7.


As Snoop says, “You gotta pay the cost to be the boss.”  This is the cost of innovation.  

Photo courtesy: Nautiques