Parks beneath the surface. Mission Caribbean 2010.


Tell Alliance about the First:

CD you ever purchased: Haha.  Shaq- diesel.

Injury from wakeboarding: I put my head through the handle and was dragged by my chin for about 30 feet. Not good. My neck and tongue were sore for about a month.

Check you ever cashed from wakeboarding: A photo incentive check from connelly / cwb.

Song you play when you jump in the car for a cruise: I listen to talk radio in my truck. “monsters  in the morning” to be more specific.

Mobe you learned: Heel mobe; It was  the only one there was at the time…Then came the air mobe. The second type of mobe in wakeboarding was the crow mobe which I landed in 1995. Crazy how things have changed.

Experience drinking adult beverages: my cousin Matt and I drank vodka from the bottle then filled it back up with water (laughs)! How will they ever know if its the same color? I was 21  for SURE. Ha.

Fight you ever got into: I hit a kid with a math book in 5th grade.  2 kids kept pushing me from behind and on the 3rd push they knocked the books out of my hand, except my maaath boook! BAM!! (so don’t ever say I don’t know how to use a math book).

Time winching: I did it at Cypress Gardens in about 88 or so; They used to winch a skier across a pool in the swimming/ dive show there, so they let me do it one day.

Autograph you signed: My first team autograph signing was at a Detroit pro tour stop in 95. I was so fucking nervous, it looked like I wrote my name with my foot…blind folded (laughs).

Pro you ever rode with: Zane was the first pro with for sure, but I also remember Jeremy Kovak coming over to my house one day and it was all time! His mobe was so huge! He came up to the house and signed a huge Connelly poster for me and it read “To Parks , see ya’ on the starting dock!”

– Jeremy Kovak. That really fired me up!!!

Photoshoot: With Doug Dukane in the Florida keys after the 94 worlds and I ended up getting a tail grab shot in the mag from it. My first shot ever in a wakeboarding mag..weeewwwwww!

…Perks of being Parks.