At age 37, Shaun Murray still rides with as much amplitude and style as anyone in the sport.  The fun he has while freeriding is truly contagious; it also serves as a great reminder for why we all got on the water in the first place.       


Shaun Murray’s head tilt for head shots is second to none. Photo: Cortese

First board: Skurfer Rage

First invert: HS backroll

First sponsor: Hyperlite

First roommate in Orlando: Dean Lavelle and Lynn Teachworth

First tour win: Don’t remember, but my first finals was in Portland in 1995

First boat: Galaxy Tri Hull

First car: 67′ Bug

First CD: Arrested Development

First reaction upon learning you would have your own video game: Are you SERIOUS?!!! While trying to play it cool.

First song you learned on guitar: Sweet Home Alabama and Free Fallin’.

First trick you typically open with when freeriding: Depends on the day, but a toe 9 is a fun opener or a heel back 180


Murray’s method has been a good one for a long time. Photo courtesy Hyperlite