First board you ever rode:

The first board I ever rode was a Neptune Scepter. It was a directional board and had pool balls all over it. Strap binders too.

First free Box of gear:

I think the first free gear I got was from Hyperlite Canada, They hooked me up with a board, bindings, rope, hats and shirts. I was stoked I think the board was one of the red and black honneycombs.

First invert:

My first invert was a back roll, I learned it on that neptune septor. I took a whole summer to figure out. After your first one they start comning a lot faster.

First time you signed an autograph:

Im not for sure on this one but I do think it was at Canadian Nationals In Edmonton around 1997, It was my first nationals and I had won JR Men and the Open Men.

First Magazine shot:

My first mag shot was in WBM when I was about 16 years old. Alliance was yet to be conceived at this point. It was from a contest I went down to called the Pacific Wakeboard Championships in Tacoma WA. I was so pumped!

First car:

My first car was a truck. It was a 1975 Ford F250 extended cab long

box. I loved that truck until I crashed it into a snow bank.

First concert:

I think my first concert was a pennywise show when I was 14 or 15. I got punched in the mosh pit and my teeth went throu my lip. Amazing show other than the stiches.

First CD you ever bought:

It was the Metallica album that had “enter sandman” on it.

First time you ever had…a beer:

My first beer or beers was at a friends house when I was 15 or 16. His parents were out of town and they brewed their own beer so the garage was full to the roof with it. I was grounded for weeks after that one.

First pro you ever rode with:

Jeff Heer came out in the boat when I was trying to learn back rolls when I was 14. His parents had a cabin across the lake from mine. I think that same year I went to a clinic with Scott Byerly in Canada, back in the Wake Tech flight 69 days.

This ain’t Chad’s First Rodeo…HS Tail glide.