Florida is definitely the epicenter of the wake industry. With the amount of lakes and the weather being nice year round how could it not be? So in order to wrap up an amazing summer I felt that a trip out there was only necessary. Prior to two weeks ago I had never been to Orlando let alone Florida so I had very little idea of what to expect. I mean I have seen shots of Orlando and heard stories but this was all I had to go by. My journey through the heart of wakeboarding was definitely unreal. I was able to see several infamous parts of Florida including Clermont, the Projects, the Orlando Watersports Complex and even Lake Eola in downtown Orlando. I was also able to ride and watch some of the greatest wakeboarders and wakeskaters in our industry. It was definitely a trip to remember and for anyone with a passion for the sport I truly recommend a journey out here. As great as a picture or words in a magazine, television show or DVD may be the experience of a trip like this is cooler than you can imagine.