Photos and interview by Chris Moore

What Up Quinn, can you introduce yourself for Alliance readers that might not know you?

Well, I am Quinn Silvernale. S I L V E R N A L E…I’m 22 years old and I like to wakeboard.

Everyone asks when did you start wakeboarding, but my question is when did you accept wakeboarding as your religion…and why?

Umm, I guess, oh man, probably when I got to college. I realized I put too much time into wakeboarding and nothing else, so I decided that I was just gonna continue doing that cause it was all I really cared about.

To my knowledge you’ve been moving around the country a lot in the past few years…explain.

I went out to Washington for the past 2 summers and worked out there at Koppert Lake as a wakeboard instructor, and that was a good time. Me and my buddy Chris Moore went out the first summer, drove all the way out there, 40 hours. That was an experience in itself. Then I guess, just been going where ever I can to have fun and ride, just good times..haha.

3 Answers for this question. What is your most memorable location, not moment…location, for each; rails, boat set, and winch.

Uh, for rails definitely, definitely be Gravity Research where I work because they are the most fun rails I have ever hit and arguably the most fun rails in the world, but seriouly though, that place is awesome. And as far as boat, probably I would have to say lake shaminah where i grew up riding at my cabin in Minnesota. And winching, i don’t know, I’d have to say the Bayou, but as far as a winching drop, probably the waterfall in SC at Riley Moore Falls. Ya definitely Riley Moore Falls.

From recent exposure I’ve concluded you love rails, what turns you on so much about rails vs wake?

I feel like every little thing you do on a rail you can tweak it a different way, or press it a different way, nothing looks like a stock trick on a rail if you really are passionate about it and its the most fun way for me to express myself on a wakeboard…so I guess that would be my answer.

Do I even need to ask, Freeride or contest?

Uh, you don’t have to ask but if you would like to know for sure I would have to say freeride. But if we’re talking contests I’m gonna have to say, i haven’t ridden in any, but any of the ones out in Germany or Paris with the Systems 2’s and the floating skate parks, those look dope, and I would love to do that, just have to throw that in there.

Alright, what are you looking for in wakeboarding?

Really just to have fun and make people respect wakeboarding and see it as a legit sport. Just to push it in different directions other then the cookie cutter trick ski background it has. I think the roots really should be in other boardsports like skateboarding and snowboarding, because it is a boardsport not a skisport. That’s why it’s called wakeboarding. And I think we should get rid of wake and call it waterboarding anyway.

What inspires your riding; other riders…feelings…sounds…safety?

All of the above, I love riding with a good crew of riders. I never really had a good crew of riders to ride with growing up so I definitely didn’t get to push myself as much as i would have liked too. But as soon as i realized that other people liked the stuff that I like to do I found that I got a lot better faster, so really other riders. If you can’t surround yourself by riders that are better then you or can push you its not near as fun, you can’t end up where you wanna be.

Anyone you would like to thank… or are you a self-made ATL gangsta?

Self made ATL, nah hahaha, just wanna thank my parents cause they’ve had to put up with me for 22 years now. And then of course the good lord. Then Wade at Slingshot, Eric at Cire Boardshorts, Bryce at Rockwell Time, Wes at Gravity Research, and Adam at Distortion. Couldn’t have done any of this without them, that’s for sure.