Tom Fooshee and Angelika Schriber are double winners at the Wake Park Triple Crown at BSR


Tom Fooshee, All photos: Ryan Taylor

The kick off to the Monster Energy Wake Park Triple Crown presented by Nautiques at BSR cabe park in Waco Texas proved that the “King” of the cable is still the king. It also proved that Women’s double World Champion, Angelika Schriber is continuing to define the top end of women’s riding. As the big winners this weekend Angelika and Tom take home the lions share of the richest purse thus far in North America – $50,000. Ahead of the event the BSR cable had been rumored to be the finest facility in North America if not in the world and every pro rider this weekend confirmed that it does not get any better than this park. From the facilities to the cable and features it is absolutely amazing.

The weekend left was full of incredible riding and a bit of dodging rain cells. But despite a little Mother Nature issue, the conditions, park and cable were absolutely perfect for the riders and the performances prove it. Right in front of the dock, Tom Fooshee absolutely stomped a perfect 1080 off of the left wave kicker only to follow it on his next lap with a Pete Rose 540 off of the right wave kicker. Daniel Grant was not to be out-shined though as he did huge shifty double grab backside 180’s and his signature rewinds off the kickers and destroyed every rail with his fresh and technical approach.

The Wakeskating event was run by the crew at The Wakeskate Tour and was held on BSR’s bi-level lake which was perfect for the best wakeskaters in the world to session for the weekend. Austin Pastura continued his dominance of the pool gap scene and took the win and was followed by impressive relative newcomer Marcus Knox and Texas ripper Bret Little.

BSR also put on a Bi-Level Jam on Saturday night in their epic 2-way bi-level lake. The set up is as perfect as any pool gap in the world and the generous people at BSR put up $10,000 cash for the purse. James Windsor made up for not making either the cable or features final in the main event and came back and won the bi-level pool gap taking home a huge handful of cash, only to be followed by his fellow teenager Daniel Grant in second place.

Huge thanks go out to the sponsors – Monster Energy, BSR, Nautiques, Liquid Force, Slingshot and CWB wakeboards. An additional and special thank you to BSR and the Parsons family for their amazing hospitality and their incredible crew.



Wakeskate Pool Gap contest: 1st – Austin Pastura; 2nd – Marcus Knox; 3rd – Bret Little








Open Features: 1st – Thomas Ellwood; 2nd – Jake Pelot; 3rd – Chase Mobley



Pro Women: 1st – Angelika Schriber; 2nd – Julia Rick; 3rd – Erika Langman



Pro Men Features: 1st – Tom Fooshee; 2nd – Daniel Grant; 3rd – Graham Burress



Open Men: 1st – Kelbey Huebner; 2nd – Jarrett Jones; 3rd – Jake Pelot



Pro Women Features: 1st – Angelika Schriber; 2nd – Tracy Baynham; 3rd – Courtney Angus



Pro Men: 1st – Tom Fooshee; 2nd – Matty Hasler; 3rd – Chandler Powell



Monster Energy WWA Wake Park Triple Crown presented by Nautique Boats

Open Women    Open Men
Finals    Heat #:    01    Finals    Heat #:    01
1    Downs, Summer    USA    100.00    1    Huebner, Kelbey    USA    96.00
2    Jones, Jarrett    USA    85.50
3    Pelot, Jake    USA    80.25
4    Gunningham, Aiden    USA    78.25
Women’s Professional    Men’s Professional
Finals    Heat #:    01    Finals    Heat #:    01
1    Schriber, Angelika    SWI    91.75    1    Fooshee, Tom    USA    95.75
2    Rick, Julia    GER    90.75    2    Hasler, Matty    AUS    83.50
3    Langman, Erika    USA    80.00    3    Powell, Chandler    USA    83.25
4    Angus, Courtney    AUS    77.50    4    Windsor, James    AUS    77.50

Open Features    Pro Women Features    Pro Features
Finals    Heat #:    01    Finals    Heat #:    01    Finals    Heat #:    01
1    Ellwood, Thomas    USA    91.50    1    Schriber, Angelika    SWI    94.25    1    Fooshee, Tom    USA    96.25
2    Pelot, Jake    USA    88.75    2    Baynham, Tracy    USA    89.00    2    Grant, Daniel    THAI    89.25
3    Mobley, Chase    USA    82.25    3    Angus, Courtney    AUS    84.75    3    Burress, Graham    USA    81.00
4    Huebner, Kelbey    USA    63.50    4    Score, Alexa    USA    72.00    4    Lariche, Jimmy    USA    73.50

Wakeskate Bi-Level
1. Austin Pastura
2. Marcus Knox
3. Bret Little
4. Nick Taylor
5. Andrew Pastura
6. Aaron Reed

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