What can 20 bucks get you these days? Well, every Friday starting at 3 p.m. and going until dark at the Carlsbad Lagoon it will get you a wakeboard ride, and the best burger, brat, or hot dog you have ever had. You will also be able to ride any of the new Liquid Force or Ronix gear behind one of our new MasterCrafts.

This event was created not to get you that hard core training. That you would find at the Lagoon any other day. Rather as a place wakeboarders could go and hang out with other wakeboarders. It is kind of like those online chat rooms just with real people actually wakeboarding instead of just talking about it.

Also, the first Wednesday of every summer month we are hosting Girls Night Out. This is very similar to our Friday Freerides but this one is only for the ladies.

For more on Freeride Fridays or Girls Night Out or if you would like information on other events we offer at the Lagoon, like private and group wakeboard lessons, you can check out our website at www.carlsbadlagoon.com or call us at 888-5-LAGOON. Ask for Passion.