Cold, drysuit, windy, freezing, shiver.  These are a few words that are commonly used when you talk about wakeboarding in February.  However, at Wakesports’ fourth annual February Freezeride I didn’t hear one of these words the entire day.  Watersports enthusiasts from all over Southern California migrated to the Carlsbad Lagoon to be greeted by near eighty-degree temperatures and butter like water conditions.  I think I might have even got sunburned by the end of the day.  Now, if you have ever been to the lagoon, you know that there is just as much happening off the water as there is on.  If you were not wakeboarding behind the boat, or wakeskating behind the jet ski, you were battling Keith Lyman at ping-pong or picking up a basketball an challenging the Wakesports crew at a game of L-A-G-O-O-N.  
            As I just mentioned, Keith Lyman happened to be on the Left Coast and made sure he came down to not only hang out and play basketball, but also put on a jaw-dropping demo for everyone in attendance.  Carlsbad Lagoon and Wakesports team rider Jacob Valdez was also fresh off the injured reserve to put on a demo, riding for the first time since he broke his collar bone a month ago.  After taking a set in the near frozen sixty-something-degree water (heavy sarcasm), riders enjoyed some of Greasy Greg Cantor’s famous chili dogs.  As the sun went down, people finally started to leave the lagoon, completely stoked to have just gone wakeboarding in the middle of winter.  If for some unexplainable reason you missed this year’s February Freezeride, mark your calendars because you have less than 365 days until we are going to do it again.  Thanks to Liquid Force for keeping everyone at the Freezeride slayshing on all the new setups and for bringing out the one and only Keith Lyman.