Frosted Rail Jam

Movie Premier

November 3rd @ 5:30 Pm

Free To Public

Volleyball, Food, Disk Golf & Fun…

$20 Entrance Fee

Free UGP T-Shirt To Every Entrant

Open Invitation Comp.
At The COW-c

3 Hits On UGP Slider
Best Score Of The 3
Any Contact With UGP Slider Will Be Counted As A Hit
Riders Will Be Given 30 Mins Before Comp. To Practice
Prizes Include: Board Shorts, Hats, T-Shirts, Skateboards, ETC.

~Grom Wakeboard (13 & under)
~Novice Wakeboard (180’s, Grabs & Less)
~Intermediate Wakeboard (360’s, Poked Grabs, Basic Flips)
~Advanced Wakeboard (Raleys, Major Inverts, 360’s & More)

Central Oklahoma Wakeboarding Center


OKC Board Shop

901 E. Camp Dr.

Guthrie, Ok 73044

(405) 282-WAKE <> <> <> <>