LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA – FUEL TV, the 24/7 action sports lifestyle network, has launched a new, unique audience submission program called “Show Me Your ID” where viewers get to create and submit their own FUEL TV IDs.
“Everyday we see more evidence that the rapid advancement of digital technology has enabled our viewers to lead a content creation revolution,” says CJ Olivares, FUEL TV’s Senior Vice President and Assistant General Manager. “FUEL TV is a reflection of their lives and this initiative provides them another opportunity to shape the visual direction of the network.”
“This new submission program allows our viewers to star, shoot, and direct their own ten-second FUEL TV commercial, and get the chance to share their efforts with more than 24 million other viewers,” says Oren Hatum, FUEL TV Director of On-Air Promotions. “And if it rocks, we’ll put it on air!”
The process for viewers to submit their FUEL TV IDs is simple. First they visit http://www.fuel.tv/showmeyourid for complete details, then they film themselves or friends in a creative way, including the phrase “You’re watching FUEL TV.” Finally they submit a tape along with a signed submission agreement, and if it’s good enough, it might air on FUEL TV. All submissions are strictly subject to the complete Submission Guidelines, available on the “Show Me Your ID” page of FUEL TV’s web site www.fuel.tv.
The program will run indefinitely on FUEL TV.