So this probably isn’t the first article you’ve read this season about a boat show and it probably will not be the last.  Sorry, but it is winter time and I don’t have anything else to write about except boat shows.  The Phoenix boat show went down this past weekend, bringing out some of not only the best talent Arizona has to offer, but some of the top name professional wake slayers from around the country.  Pat Panakos and crew also made the journey and constructed one of the best rail setups to hit a boat show.  The rail consisted of a flat-down box connected to a flat-down rail, allowing riders to transfer from one to the other and get technical with variations of different presses.  I, along with the Valdez brothers, Justin Fisher, Steven Williams, and CJ Wirtz made the journey from Southern California, while Kaesen Suyderhoud, Ben Greenwood, and Scott Byerly came from Florida.  We were welcomed by Arizona riders Larry Taylor, Jimmy Wolf, and Joe Shipka.  
            The Phoenix boat show’s rail jam has built up a reputation over the years and many people I talked to came out just to watch the jam.  With that said, the riders knew they had high expectations to live up to.  Some of the highlights include LF’s Justin Fisher getting technical on both the box and rail and Kaesen successfully landing about every gap and transfer possible.  Also, Larry Taylor put on a clinic about poking out front boards.  Seriously, this kid can press a wakeboard as good as anyone.  Another cool aspect about this show was all of the different places to go downtown after the show every night.  I would no nothing about this, as me and the other underage groms did not party at all and only drank sodas and other stuff that people under 21 drink.  However, my good friend Justin Fisher is of age and could be considered and expert at boat show after parties.  When I asked Justin to give the Alliance readers an inside scoop of what went down at night, I received this email: “The adults perspective could be quite incriminating to myself and others.”  As a result, I’ll let you guys use you’re imaginations to ponder what a group of wakeboarders who are in their young twenties could do in a town that is located within minutes of Arizona State University.  
            The Phoenix boat show was another success.  I would like to thank Ben @ Hyperlite, Pat Panakos, Mendes @ Ronix, Monster Energy, and local Arizona shop Ski Pro for putting on a fun show.  Also, a very special thanks to the Taylors who opened up their house to me, even though I was with two Mexicans (Valdez bros), who could have very easily been immigrants who just hopped over the border.