When one of us goes down, we all come together. If you don’t know him, Terry Bailey is one of the best dudes in the wakeboard community. He calls the Valdosta Wake Compound home and if you’ve ever been there, you’ve probably ran into him. He had a really rough fall on 12/12/17 while filming for The Coalition:The Sequel and needs our help to get back on his feet. 

He sustained injuries to his face/jaw and requires surgery to fix everything. Yes, he was wearing his helmet and vest so kids, take note. A GoFundMe page has been set up for his medical expenses by Quinn Silvernale and if you’re able to give anything, he would be very appreciative. The wakeboard community is one of the best and when something like this happens, it affects us all. So follow the link and give what you can. Thank you!

We love you Terry!