Cory showed up 5 minutes late so he got the 25 pound weight vest.

It’s safe to say that the level of riding and fitness of athletes has gone up in the past couple years.  Riders have gone from eating chick-fil-a three times a day to drinking a gallon of water, three smoothies, vegan diets.  Cory Teuniessen may only be 18 years old but this off season he took his health and fitness to a new level.  While in Australia, I stayed with Cory for a few days and one afternoon he went to workout with well known action sports trainer Nam Baldwin.  Nam is known to work with the biggest names in Australia and this afternoon Nam invited Mick to come out to help push Cory.  The afternoon consistent of high intensity workouts pushing not only physical strength but also mental strength.  “Training with Mick pushes me so much harder.  The dude is a freak in the gym and is a perfectionist.” Cory said after the work out.  Checkout the full gallery below from the afternoon gym session with Cory Teunissen and Mick Fanning.

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