Cole Vanthof looking just as stylish in-front of the camera as behind it.

If you haven’t heard of Valdosta Wake Compound than you probably live under a rock.  It is arguably one of the most progressive parks in the US right now.  With handrails, in ground pool gaps, a perfect concrete skatepark and system 2.0s there isn’t much missing from this dream spot.  There is a crew living in RV’s and a crew that frequent the park almost weekly making the atmosphere surrounding the park something you won’t find anywhere else.  Here are a few photos from my recent trip up there to shoot the boys filming for The Coalition Movie set to come out at Surf Expo.

Good seeing Austin Pratt back on a board after being injured most of last season.

Wesley taking some laps around the cement park.

Cole Vanthof laying down a cement hack with style.

Quinn Silvernale making it look to easy on the elbow rail.

Pratt showing he does’t just rip on a wakeboard.

The crew: Europe, Australia, South Carolina, Georgia, Florida, Ohio

Wesley getting an arial perspective of his latest art work on the rail.

Valdostas newest resident, Austin Pratt.