As if you didn't already know, Check it out! The 2009 Gear Guide is here! Use it as your official guide to the ungodly number of twothousandandnine wakeboard products you are about to purchase. Trust us, take it EVERYWHERE you go because you never know when or where a good deal will strike you. You can keep it in your man bag right next to the binaca and hair gel.

With over 999.5 new products within, you won't be disappointed…We'll even bet that the snowboard industry will be sneaking a peak to get ideas for new boots and graphics! Whether you're looking for a new rope and handle, A brand new Flex wakeboard, the lightest boots or the heaviest boat, it all lies on the inside of this beauty wrapped in a kick-ass photograph of Trevor Hansen. Kick-ass is such a dorky curse word…totally ninety's.


In the gear guide you can also check out a cheeseball wake session with some of the best riders in holiday costume…Reed Hansen Can do a no look kickflip and ask you to serve your country at the same time…He even walks on water; CHECK IT!