Brian Reeder is a talented wakeboarder who’s been in on the Orlando scene for a couple years now, but hasn’t seen a ton of exposure throughout the industry. In the most recent issue of Alliance you can flip to page 106 and read about a little road trip Reeder and his fellow Virginia natives Travis Propst and Adam Fields took from Orlando to their homeland. This trip showcases three of the best and most beautiful spots to ride in Virginia, but you don’t really learn too much about any of the local boys themselves. So I figured it was time to sit Brian Reeder down and grill him with some serious, hard-pressing questions. He was more than up for the challenge, so if you want to get to know him a little better, read on.

Alliance: Let’s get the 411: name, age, residence.
BR: Brian Joseph Reeder. 22. Clear Lake, FL.

A: You’re originally from Virginia, how long have you been living in Orlando?
BR: I’ve been in Orlando for just about two years now. I just wanted to be able to ride all the time and not have to deal with snow in the winter.

A: Happy Go Skateboarding day.
BR: Thank you.

A: What do you do to pay the bills?
BR: I do a little bartending action on I-Drive for the Orlando tourists. I also work at the Orlando Watersports Complex a bit.

A: What’s in a Surfer on Acid?
BR: Jaeger, coconut rum, Midori, and pineapple and grenadine.

A: Word on the street is you’ve been tearing OWC apart. Do you prefer rail riding to wake riding?
BR: I try to balance it. Since I’ve been down here I’ve definitely been riding rails more because I don’t own a boat. But working at O-Dub definitely helps with rail riding, for sure.

A: Who do you normally ride with around Orlando?
BR: Lately I’ve been riding with Jeff McKee a lot. I also ride with Adam Errington, Clay Fletcher, Travis Propst, and Henshaw a bit. I ride with Chris Law at the cable a bunch, too.

A: You’ve been hitting up some of the tour stops this summer, how’s that been going?
BR: Pretty good. It’s frustrating, though, because you spend a lot of money to go and sometimes it doesn’t seem fair. It’s hard for guys without the big names to make it through the first rounds. Not that the big name guys don’t deserve to make it through, but I’ve definitely seen cases where a lesser known guy had a run that definitely should have allowed him to make it through and he didn’t. But that’s just what I’ve seen the past couple years in my experiences.

A: The third Brostock is on your home lake back in Virginia (Smith Mountain Lake), got any big plans for that?
BR: Yeah, I’m excited for that weekend. I’m trying to round up all my local crew to and make sure we can show the LF guys a good time. It’s cool to have an event like Brostock that is just about riding and having fun, rather than competing. I’m stoked to show some of the LF crew Smith Mountain Lake ‘cause it’s beautiful and it will be cool to share with them. That’s what wakeboarding is all about; hanging out, having fun, riding, and seeing new places… bro… (laughs).

A: How many times do you think you’ve filled a 5-gallon can of gas this year to get a pull?
BR: (laughing) That’s a tough one. Let’s say I fill up three a week… I’ve probably done more than 60. Wow, that’s a lot of money… (laughs).

A: What’s your favorite color?
BR: Army green.

A: Do you have any deer tattoos?
BR: Just a John Deere tattoo, but I can’t show you, it’s hidden. I’m just kidding, by the way. Although I might get a tattoo of the outline of Virginia.

A: What makes Virginia ham so special?
BR: Must be something in the stuff we feed the pigs, I guess.

A: How long have you been wakeboarding?
BR: About ten years now. I got my first board when I was 11. It was a directional O’Brien with the biggest surf fin I’ve ever seen. The next year I got an Evil Twin, but it got stolen.

A: What else do you do for fun?
BR: Some skateboarding, prowl for cougars (laughs), I like to surf… road trips with the bros are always fun. Campfires with Diet Coors are up there, too.

A: Do you have a favorite wake video?
BR: The one that stands out for me is Natural Born Thrillaz.

A: Favorite rider to watch ride?
BR: That’s hard, I have a lot of people I look to for style and influence and stuff. I really like Jeff McKee’s riding, Benny G. I like people that are smooth and make it look easy, like they’re not even trying. People that muscle through stuff don’t look as good to me. Yeah, I’d say Jeff, Ben, Lyman and Watson are my favorites to watch.

A: If you were a dog, what kind would you be?
BR: I’d be a lab ‘cause they swim a lot and I like the water. Plus labs are real chill and don’t bite or bark a lot.

A: Pepsi or Coke?
BR: Dr. Pepper.

A: McDonald’s or Burger King?
BR: McDonald’s.

A: Wedding Crashers or 40-Year-Old Virgin?
BR: Definitely Wedding Crashers. “You lock it up!”

A: Lions or tigers?
BR: Oh my!

A: Superman or Spiderman?
BR: Definitely Spiderman.

A: What else are you going to do today?
BR: Help my brother move some stuff around the house, maybe go to the Projects, eat some food. We’ll see how it goes.

A: Who’s your top friend on MySpace?
BR: I believe it’s Andy, my friend from Smith Mountain Lake.

A: Here’s what everyone wants to know, what’s the deal with the intense face you make when you ride?
BR: (laughing) That’s the face of a focused man right there. I’m not sure what it is, to be honest, I must just  be really into riding.

A: Who gives you free stuff?
BR: Wake & Skate Board Shop, Dragon, Rip Curl, Liquid Force, Osiris shoes, and h2O Audio.

A: Any last words?
BR: (laughs) I’d like to thank you for your time and effort. I’d like to thank Jeff for pulling me this morning. All my friends and family who help me.