Steph Wamsley, kickflip. Photo: Tracy Baynham

Last Sunday, girls drove in from all around Florida and even Georgia for the second round of Girls Ride Day. Even some of the boys came out to support the cause and take a few laps. Our Sunday Funday was filled with cupcakes, hot dogs, good jams, new tricks, and glassy water. We spent all afternoon at The Projects on the System 2.0 until the rain started to pick up and not let down.

Andrea got up on a wakeboard for her first time thanks to Tara’s coaching skills, Lola hit her first slider, and most of the girls rode the System 2.0 for their first time ever. Among other highlights, Steph and Cassie were sticking all sorts of shuv variations off the incline, Jen landed a clean kickflip, and the girls pretty much ruled the park for the day. Two lucky girls won a pair of Nike 6.0’s for stomping new tricks. It was cool to see all the girls push each other to try new things. A handful of girls also walked away with new purses, wallets, or hats from O’Neill.

Thanks to everyone who came out to ride and hang, rain or shine! Big thanks to The Projects, Nike 6.0, and O’Neill for making this event happen. Wakegirls caught all the action on film, so look out for a video from the event coming soon! See you at the next Girls Ride Day…

Photos by: Laura Barbero-Buffa, Tracy Baynham & Jen GilanFarr

Cassie on the up

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Photo: Baynham