So Thanksgiving is a freaking great holiday… if you're American. I know tomorrow I'm going to eat a kickass turkey dinner with my family in Nor-Cal, but what about those non-Americans among us? You know, our friends from the North? Bunches of Canadian wakeboarders now live in Orlando, so I figured I'd ask them this: "If you're a Canadian living in America, what do you do for Thanksgiving?"


"Eat a lot, then eat some more, then drink a lot, then thank God for the good life." — Rusty Malinoski


"Ours is in October, it's pretty much the same thing — turkey and stuff. But I'm gonna watch football and hockey." — Chad Sharpe


"Celebrate with the Errington family!" — Aaron Rathy


"What's Thanksgiving? Just kidding, I'll be building a rail at the Projects, that's about it. I like to party." — Kevin Henshaw


"Karaoke… maybe hunt some wild boar… definitely gonna wear flannel and denim, regardless." — James Balzer