A couple months ago (issue 2013.6 with Josh Twelker on the cover) we had a feature discussing how to put your GoPro to work. We looked at a number of different tools you could use to maximize the potential of the most versatile camera in the world. Likely the best mounts/accessories we came across while shooting for the feature were from GoPole. There’s a reason…GoPole is now the world’s #1 selling GoPro accessory brand worldwide. Cruise by gopole.com and take a look at all their new gear; we are certain you’ll find something that will help you document your fun/progression out on the water. The photos below provide a few more examples of shots taken with GoPole accessories (all images captured with GoPro Hero 3). 




Shot taken at Orlando Watersports Complex with The Arm by GoPole…we found this accessory provided endless possibilities for POV shooting and selfies




Series of shots of Harley Clifford being chased with the telescoping GoPole Reach



Running boat shot also captured using the GoPole Reach