You can learn a lot about a friend just by borrowing their cell phone to “check out movie times because my phone is dead,” especially Watson…If you can get a hold of Watson’s password you’ve basically struck gold. He should start a website with all the pictures he’s got in that photo vault of his. Now our minds are just wandering. Sorry, back to the topic at hand. We borrowed a few friends phones and snooped into their google history to find out the true story on what they’ve been up to lately. Here’s what we found:


Shane Bonifay 

1. What’s the biggest black mamba recorded

2. Pronoun

3. How to seduce women through hypnosis

4. How do you get on the popular page for instagram

5. What is the date in back to the future that Michael J Fox went back to


Daniel Grant

 1. LOL Cats

2. TSA allowed weapons

3. Protato top 5 plays

4. What are Moose Knuckles

5. Bermuda triangle


Jeff House 

1. Miami man face eaten

2. Dog skimboarding video

3. F#%k em all let em die slow

4. Trojan magnum sizing chart

5. Lake Ashton gator attack



Oli Derome 

1. Plumbing tools

2. Crepes recipe

3. Orlando sperm donations

4. magic seaweed

5. How short do you have to be to qualify for a handicapped parking permit


Mike Ennen 

1. Mons Venus hours

2. Highest elevation in Hawaii

3. Jamie Lynn method

4. Veneer printing

5. Mark Landvik


Corrie Dyer 

1. How much does an icon plane cost

2. Michael Phelps hot photo

3. wine opener key chain

4. Gold mining in Benson NC

5. Does Harley Clifford have a girlfriend



Jeff McKee 

1. Breaking bad season 5

2. Dislocated knee cap

3. Where is patagonia

4. Dan Akroid Chevy Chase movie junkyard fat kids

5. Can you get drunk in a bathtub filled with Gin


Dylan Miller 

1. Dallas Friday sex tape

2. Back Reduction pills

3. How to prove being a vegan isn’t gay

4. Why Canada is better than America

5. What do Gorilla’s eat