Kids are the future; at least, that’s what Nike 6.0’s corporate philosophy is. In case there were any doubters, Nike invited esteemed members of the action sports media to its Beaverton campus, where the entire 6.0 team—wake, skate, snow, BMX were gathered to show their skills.

Now you may wonder how such varied sports were to be shown off in the Portland suburbs in July, but Nike had it covered. Snow was tracked in and set up around a rail for the snowboarders. The BMXers and skaters had a mini ramp and park set up in the quad. And the wakeskaters got a rail set up in the Lance Armstrong swimming pool.

Since I work for a wake company, I’m just going to discuss the latter. Silas Thurman was the mastermind behind the set up, which would have been much better if it was in the mid-campus lake, rather than an Olympic size pool. As it was, there was only about 20 feet of landing room before slamming into the end of the pool. This made it impossible for the wakeboarders to even attempt to ride, but Ben Horan, Nick Taylor and Matt Manzari had at it on their skates. There were boardslides, front boardslides and shuvs out. Manzari was attempting flip tricks in the middle of the pool. The session didn’t last long, just long enough to prove the Nike 6.0 wakeskate team is really, really good. Damn kids.