Last Friday Melissa Marquardt and I decided that we wanted to go riding. So she proposed a plan. She had to go to a clinic put on by Liquid Force at the Mission Bay Aquatic Center in San Diego, figuring that it would be small we decided to wakeboard after. I suppose small was a bit of an understatement.
Arriving there I felt like I was at Disneyland, there were kids running around everywhere.  I looked at the shore and there had to be at least 8 boats including quite a few Super Air Nautiques constantly in rotation picking kids up and dropping them off. One of the camp leaders informed me that there were around 70 campers there! That is a massive group especially when it comes to the San Diego area where skateboarding and surfing are usually the biggest hit. These kids had something else on their mind though, and that was wakeboarding. A few were so stoked on the sport that they were actually in their second or third week there. There were even kids that came to the states from Mexico to go to the camp! It was awesome to see all these kids having such a great time out on the water.
As any clinic goes Melissa mingled, signed autographs, instructed kids and rode a set for everyone. Even though our wake day was not quite as expected it turned out to be a fun one for sure. Special thanks to Liquid Force and Mission Bay Aquatic Center!