New Ski location and phone number in Charleston
Just want to clear up any confusion!
Johns Island, SC – 6-17-08 – Please note that we (H2Osmosis Sports and the H2Oz Training Center) have moved.  Although we have a new pro shop in Talking Rock, Georgia, we still have a ski school/training center in Charleston, South Carolina (Johns Island to be exact), but WE ARE AT A NEW EPIC SITE CALLED OZ-click here for more info.  You really need to check it out.  WE ALSO HAVE A NEW LOCAL PHONE NUMBER FOR THE TRAINING CENTER.  Our new number in Charleston is 843.793.4470.  Although we have been at our new place and had our new number for 3 months now, there seems to still be the occasional mis-communication or misunderstanding which is probably our fault.  We want to keep attempting to communicate in order to clear up those problems and any confusion.  As a kind gesture we gave our old phone number back to the property owners at our old site, so please try the new number which once again is 843.793.4470.
 The H2Oz Training Center, located at OZ on Johns Island, just minutes from downtown Charleston and local beaches offers two pro level instructors and qualified drivers and staff.  We offer one- on-one instruction and build-your own-day-camps.  Our new site has clear blue fresh water and plenty of room for water skiing and wakeboarding yet plenty of protection from the elements.  Come check us out.  Please email or call 843.793.4470 for directions, more information, or to make an appointment.  We look forward to seeing you at our new site where we offer the same great instruction we always have and tons of fun! 
Check out for more info as well.