Got to spend a day with Danny Hampson in his home town of Tavernier, Florida this past week. The 18-year-old LF team rider was in a pretty bad boating accident last month that left him with a fractured skull and spine, as well as some nerve damage in his right arm. But despite all the Internet rumors, Danny is doing fine and recovering nicely. In fact, with the Miami Heat winning the NBA the other night and the World  Cup in full effect, the kid is rolling. He still has to wear his neck brace for another 4-6 weeks, but has gained full motion and feeling in his arm, and is working daily with a physical therapist to regain his strength. I did a short interview with him about his recovery and this is what he had to say:

Me: Hey, I want to do a little interview with you for the web.
DH: Yes! I’m back, I’m officially back.

Me: How are you feeling?
DH: I’m doing great. I feel alive, more alive than I’ve felt in a while.

Me: Why is that?
DH: Because I can move now. Once you taste the sour tast of death, the sweet taste of life is that much sweeter.

Me:  When will you be back on the water?
DH: I never left.

Me: But once you get that neck brace off you can ride again?
DH: Well, it depends on what the doctors say, how my ligaments are healing and everything. But I’m just going to take some time and go to the gym and get really huge neck muscles.

I took a sweet photo of Danny too, maybe too sweet for the web. Look for it in an upcoming issue of the mag. It’s that good.